Questioning the questions: Neural Science with Cindi Morshead

In the process organizing Blue Ceiling dance's first Art + Science Evening, I chatted with Carol Walmsley, who works at Swansea Town Hall where our A+S events are happening. Our conversation started with rental rates and event themes and ranged to local scientists we know. Carol spoke highly of her friend Cindi Morshead, a University of Toronto professor, Chair of the Anatomy department and a most excellent public speaker. Carol introduced Cindi and I through email and several months of arranging our schedules later, Cindi and I finally sat down together.  
Inspiring, funny and frank, Cindi is a wonderful storyteller and a formidable scientist. You can join us at Blue Ceiling dance's second Art + Science Evening, June 14th, 2019 at 730pm at Swansea Town Hall, where the company will show excerpts of our new work-in-progress and you'll get the full, glorious impact of Cindi, as she will be speaking about her work. Read on for a taste.....
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As Right As You Can Be in the Moment -- an interview with award-winning science journalist Alanna Mitchell

Alanna Mitchell would not describe herself as either an artist or a scientist but she touches both those spheres with grace, rigour and integrity as a science journalist who has turned playwright and performer. I met Alanna on the advice of Franco Boni, the artistic director of the Theatre Centre, someone whose advice I would always take.

I met Alanna just after she performed her solo play "Sea Sick" at a fundraiser for the Theatre Centre. And with true journalistic instincts our interview began by her asking me a question.

photo of Alanna Mitchell courtesy of

ALANNA: So what's your project about?

LUCY:  The big project I'm doing with my company is pure dance -- 8 scenes interwoven,  looking at the time it takes light to get from the Sun to Earth. Each section is about 8 minutes 17 seconds long, and looks at a different aspect of the behaviour and properties of light in space. Also at the metaphors that are embedded in the scientific language d…

Noah Kenneally's Science of Cartooning in Sociology

I met Noah Kenneally sometime around 2001, when my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I ran a performance series out of a warehouse space in the west end of Toronto. Noah was introduced to me by a frequent performer in our space: Lisa Pijuan-Nomura. (I don't think anyone Lisa has ever introduced me to has ever been a jerk, she naturally attracts the most lovely people.) At the time Noah was a theatre performer and maker, a puppeteer with a fiercely smart and political mind.

Noah and I went on to share the stage three times. The first in Lisa Pijuan-Nomura and Erin Shields' joint experiment "The Paradise Project" -- an exploration of Paradise Lost that happened at Lula Lounge. The second time, Noah and I played villain lovers in Theatre Rusticle's "WISH", an adaptation of Congreve's "The Way of the World". The final time was in a Blue Ceiling dance project that was part of Harbourfront's HATCH program in 2005. "Days of Mad Rabbits"…