11th hour

We're less than two weeks to the opening of Ava/Chroma, the show I am coproducing with Susan Kendal as part of DanceWorks CoWorks series. My dear new friend Kyle Abraham is coming in from New York to perform, my coproducer is 8 and 1/2 months pregnant, and up until Tuesday my cocreation with Matthew Romantini was feeling good, but not great yet.

So now I will sing the praises of having an outside eye come in. Early on in the process, Matthew and I had the great fun of working with Julia Sasso. She pushed us right out of our habits and skewed our view on the material we'd made so that we could see new potential for it.

On Tuesday, Andrea Nann came in as our outside eye and watched a run of the 20 minute duet we'd made. She asked a few questions, suggested rearranging the order of the sections and we ran it again. PRESTO! The work was taking on all the things we felt it had been missing.

At first I felt like a failure because I hadn't seen this possibility....but I hadn't actually SEEN the piece, I'm dancing in it! Plus I refuse to use mirrors in rehearsals whenever humanly possible. How did I expect myself to understand what the full, continuously shifting picture might be? My job as an interpreter of dance who also creates dance changes as the process moves closer to performance. The movement finds its own spirit and I focus on channelling my energy to fill it. In the 11th hour, another pair of eyes can make sure that the loose spirit of the choreography and the dancers' channels of energy tell the same story.

What a thrill to have worked with two such amazing and different outside eyes, who each were the perfect fit at the time they came in to the studio with us. I am ready to bat this one home now. I hope you are there to see it, and to let me know what you think.

Ava/Chroma runs April 2-5 at Theatre Centre (1087 Queen St. West) 8pm
Tickets are $15-20 -- call DanceWorks at 416 204 1082 for reservations and tickets!


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