One week to opening show!

A two hour rehearsal, a three hour rehearsal and a two hour yoga class and I'm realizing that this time next week I will be sweating and out of breath at this hour probably in the final minutes of my duet with Matthew Romantini. Yesterday DUO lovelies Jessica Baran and Julye Huggins came into Matthew and my rehearsal, filmed a bit of our work and interviewed us. Matthew and I were at turns silly and very serious so we are worried how they will edit it! Perhaps me saying "The National Ballet's Rolling Stones ballet sucked!" or something about whether or not our bums look good in our choreography. It's funny how even with a short creation process the intensity is such that we pick up each others' body language and jokes. I take it as a good sign that we're ready to be on stage together!

Similarly Jennifer Dallas and I, dancing in Susan Kendal's work in the same show, have discovered that we can avoid train wrecks of our memory quite fluidly together. For some reason this is more exciting to me than knowing I can perform a work perfectly: knowing that I'm on stage with someone who can freestyle with memory or muscle failure. It makes you stay present, and totally in the moment. I love it.

I'm glad there's one week left before opening. But I will be ready....


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