after opening night

Ava/Chroma opened last night. I was worried because I pulled a hamstring during the dress rehearsal in the afternoon and couldn't bend forward without pain. The muscle felt like a piano string....But I took the advice of dancer Jennifer Dallas (who was a paramedic at one point in her life!) and by show time I was ready to go and only one or two things needed to be adapted in the choreography in order to dance. Thanks also to Darryl Tracy who gave Jennifer great advice about Traumeel, that Jennifer passed on to me.

Kyle Abraham had the audience in the palm of his hand and I am so glad that he got such a great response....It will make it easier to bring him back again for more work together.

Three more shows left and I can't wait to dig in again. The blackness of the Theatre Centre space frees up the imagination and the lighting design (by Jason Hand) gives subtle hints and clues to live inside.

Come jump into the world with us.


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