why do we watch what we watch? obligation?
i'm on the jury for the dora awards, dance division this year, so yes, for me it is partially obligation, but a responsibility i take very seriously and do with joy. the shows i get to see this year! good, bad, ugly. astounding, shocking, moving. i say bring it on. bring it all on.

but i see work, i go to the theatre to follow my curiosity similar to the curiosity i feel in the studio. i don't know how everyone else feels, but i know my curiosity is run by my gut and is generally pretty smart. (Don't know about the rest of me, but my curiosity has got it going on.)

so what do you do when you go to theatre and your own curiosity extends beyond what you're witnessing and you feel cheated. why do people stop with a concept and not delve in deeper? do concepts stop when fear and/or arrogance rule?

concepts in art-making -- i could go on about this forever. for me concept is not the same as idea, theme, inspiration. in this context it is a superficial treatment of an idea, theme or inspiration. once you plunge the concept into the waters of your imagination and curiosity you reach something artful.

back to Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's show with Toneelhuis -- MYTH -- a concept that could have lay on the skin. but it did not, it sank down, sank in, like a tattoo, a rash, a perfume. fascinating. is it purely that european companies have better societal, cultural and financial support? or is there something different about the approach conceptualizing a work (different from the noun concept -- verbs are always so much better!)?

so many questions, will someone come my way with answers?
some days i am tired of living here in toronto, feeling the pulse of the dominant aesthetic in dance here, feeling my own blood moving at a different rate.

i do not want to be a complainer. i just want to be confident about my pulse of my own blood....


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