Top 10 Music for Babies

For something a little lighter than my usual fare: inadvertent music for babies. By this I mean music made for baby-listening that wasn't actually made for baby-listening. Toss out your "Baby Einstein" CDs (I mean get some classical music from somewhere super affordable like Naxos and skip the whole Disney-fication of Einstein and classical music).

1. Radiohead: especially Kid A and OK Computer. (Dennes and considered naming our baby Kid A for a brief time but then realized our second choice for a name, Pablo, was also a Radiohead album and probably would garner less teasing at school).

2. Sarah Slean: Pablo particularly likes The Baroness, tracks "The Lonely Side of the Moon" and "Willow".

3. Arcade Fire: anything and just about everything

4. Modest Mouse

5. Sam Roberts: Pablo used to squirm in my belly when "Them Kids" would play.

6. Flobots: especially "Rise" and "Combat", what can I say, he's a politically minded kid.

7. K'naan: "ABCs" unlike the usual alphabet song.

8. Arvo Part: just about everything he's written can act as a great lullabye.

9. Alexander Balanescu: "Bee Dress" from the Angels and Insects soundtrack. Pure lullabye honey.

10. Leon Redbone: anything at all by this dude.

BONUS: Tina Turner: "Proud Mary" -- just because it was the first song that came on the radio on the drive home from the hospital with Pablo.

I really believe the "music for babies" industry is a crock. They need to hear real music not the plinky-plunk of synthesized xylophones (hey you can get that on Kid A plus a little bit of emotional and poetic content as well!) Lullabyes can be anything, really. Pablo likes "Karma Police" (recognizes it when it comes on the radio) and "The Lonely Side of the Moon" and Gary Jules' version of "Mad World".


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