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a little mortality music

drip drip drip
cells escape
flying over their aerial tricks
of sonic dulce
adagio, legato...hidden beneath
sudden hits
the pulse
that no longer sparks in my
just phantom limbs twitching
if i could turn the corners of my
eyes upwards,
fill impossible vales, crevices
with good humour
---ah but there's always
beauty een in the shadows and cracks---
what i cannot face settles in
the pit of my stomach as home and hearth
here. here. here. here. here.
5 steps more
the heart stops
she learned that move in the mountains over blistered fingers
she -- heroine of cinema alone
in a box in a box in a box
projected on a 2 dimensional box
geometry confounds
the architecture of my soul
seems limited by the skeleton
it cannot imagine as my breath
what age was she when
the cells rained down in
cantankerous form?
are we there yet?
possessed of pen
of heart
of mind
of breath