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Do you know? ...Paulina Derbez

I recently had the immense pleasure of experiencing Paulina Derbez's performance Shika. It was coming full circle for me in a way: a few years ago I heard this incredible woman rehearsing with voice and violin in the studio next door to where I was working with Fujiwara Dance Inventions (on EUNOIA, which recently premiered in Harbourfront's World Stage 2014, and is nominated for 3 Dora awards!). I knew something really different and intriguing was going on in there.

Fast forward a little, my son Pablo began daycare with a fiesty young girl named Isabella whose mother was a violinist. Guess who?  Paulina Derbez of the haunting voice and violin permeating the rehearsal studio walls at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. She had been creating Shika.

As a performer who often straddles disciplines not only over my career but within individual performances, I feel compelled to know more about Paulina's process. She moves, vocalizes, plays, shapeshifts and channels simultaneously …

10th anniversary Reminiscence -- the mysterious and wonderful Bee Pallomina

Bee Pallomina collaborated with Blue Ceiling dance on "that corpse you planted last year" in 2005,

photo of Bee Pallomina leaving the theatre from "that corpse you planted last year" when a freak fire alarm went off in the midst of the performance. Crazy times.
"Days of Mad Rabbits" in 2005 (see last blog post for lots of photos!) and "11xforgetting" in 2007.

Jennifer Bolt and Bee Pallomina in 11xforgetting photo by Jeremy Brace
She was an outside eye on 2013's "Half Life" and in 2009 Bee and I co-created "watermud/airsmoke" under the moniker Sunnyside Collective. We were both living in apartments in a house at Sunnyside and Constance Ave -- it was a charmed corner, at least name-wise.

photos of Lucy Rupert and Bee Pallomina by John Lauener
Our co-creation was the 2009 commission from Dance Ontario for DanceWeekend and it went on to be performed at Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival and for the Artists Health Alliance at Tor…

HATCH at Harbourfront celebrating 10 years just like Blue Ceiling dance!

Tomorrow evening I will be attending an event gathering together artists who have participated in the last 10 years of the HATCH performance projects program at Harbourfront Centre. This celebration has created a great opportunity to reflect on a past Blue Ceiling dance project, as we participated in the 2005-2006 season of HATCH with Days of Mad Rabbits.

I remember being short-listed and having to go in for a meeting to pitch my project with some Harbourfront staff. I know there were a couple of people there, but I only remember focussing on Tina Rasmussen, trying not to trip on my tongue. I was astounded when I was selected. I figured everyone else who had applied would've been far slicker and articulate than I had been.

Days of Mad Rabbits was created during a period of fascination with literature and residue of comparative cultural studies stemming from the completion of my Masters degree at U of T. I was trying to draw together Alice in Wonderland, including Tom Waits' re…