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Artist Feature: Alyssa Martin and Rock Bottom Movement

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Rock Bottom Movement while I was in Stratford this spring as part of SpringWorks Festival. Their work was funny from the get-go, clever, absurd, wonderfully danced and thoroughly enjoyable. I loved watching it, and I also longed to get up there and join them.  Luckily, choreographer Alyssa Martin was on hand and I got to meet her and her electrically-charged dancers after the show. When I heard they were self-producing in Toronto this July (DO IT YOURSELF at Dancemakers Centre for Creation, July 2 and 3 at 8pm) I knew Alyssa would be my next interview. And here it is....

photo of Alyssa Martin courtesy of Rock Bottom Movement
LR: What drove you to make this show happen?
AM: I’m always driven by a need to get my voice out there & try out my work with an audience. This time in particular, I was itching to get back into a theatre because I’ve been using more casual spaces with limited lighting & space for the past little while for our evening le…

Artist Challenge: Five shots of artistic history and lessons learned

It went around Facebook a few months ago and I was nominated to share as the trend waned, then got on top of the challenge even later....but nonetheless it was a lovely and illuminating exercise in "where are all my old dance photos" and "holy s@#t!! that was actually a more important moment than that other one that felt so good."

I promised myself I would compile the five moments into one post here, so it's all in one place: my considerations through April-June 2015 about which moments were worth sharing and why. And here are my five posts from the 5 day artist challenge on Facebook.

DAY ONE: I woke up thinking of this photo this morning and one of my cast mates had posted it by the time I got up. I learned so much in this show "And one night it snowed" with theatre Rusticle. I learned joy from Patrick, abandon from Viv, strength from Melinda, and found my voice with Hume Baugh. I learned the hustle, and how to cope with someone unwittingly standing o…

Freeing up space through GRIDLOCK: Larchaud Dance Project's site-specific and high-flying new work

With a rush of immersive, augmented, non-traditional, call-it-what-you-will new dance works being staged inventively these days, it has got me thinking a lot about rehearsals.
As dancers we spend a lot of time training our bodies to physically do very specific things and be in the best, most responsive physical shape for the tasks at hand. But when the tasks at hand involve the unpredictability of an audience immersed in your world with no clear separation of stage and witnesses, how do you prepare?
You can't rehearse an interactive audience without just performing with an interactive audience. A new level of readiness and confidence is imperative.
I sat down -- usually that's a cliche in interviewing terms, but we really did sit down in the same room together! -- with Jennifer Robichaud to speak about her site-specific, potently interactive work GRIDLOCK for Larchaud Dance Projects which opens June 11th at the Artscape Youngplace building. The work moves through the building and…