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Michael Caldwell: A Factory of Humanity

Last week I had a great conversation with Michael Caldwell, a conversation that encompassed photo-bombing others' selfies to the mouldy memories that remain in dance studios connected to our student years, sci fi to American politics. But most importantly we talked about his upcoming show Factory, happening September 20-23rd at the Citadel (details at the end). Michael Caldwell 
LR: So…I don’t really know anything about your upcoming show other than it’s happening. That’s kind of a fun place to start….
MC: Like most pieces we do, it started years ago. The trip I took in 2010 to Vietnam was the start. I made a choice to really document the experience through writing, photography, video. That turned into my solo at dance:made in Canada in 2011. But I had so much more stuff. I was alone in this country, I could’ve got sick, I could’ve died. I wanted to investigate that isolation and loneliness.
At face level Factory is about the complexities of human interaction. Beyond thatit’s abo…