Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Perils of Touring

Yes the hotel had a pool and a hot tub....unfortunately I have a peculiar rash on my left thigh now....

I tipped over the flimsy bowl for take-out noodles and nicely soaked the hotel's remote control for the TV. Room 641 may be forever stuck on CNN....

And now there are a few dozen pictures of me looking very tired and smudgy-eyed from stage makeup that never quite washes off before it must be reapplied....

Secretly, I love it all.
Except the rash.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

i think i like vancouver

I have a crappy view from my hotel room, though I can see a small rhomboid of water....but so far I don't mind this place. Certain corners are graced by small ghosts, but thankfully memory is discontinuous on the theme of the last time I was here and the bad images are sparse and scattered. I got to see Ron Stewart rehearsing at the Scotia Dance Centre. Ron was one of my favourite dancers in Toronto when I first moved there and he hasn't been back much, at least to my knowledge. I was a little starstruck. His movement quality always had, for me, the quality of those sleek enormous sea birds who can fly for days without flapping their wings. And the depth of integration and expression he had....well I guess it's no surprise that he's out here, where these quality seem to have more weight in the dance community. It makes me think that I should be dancing here once in a blue moon, rather than never.

Vancouver has such a gem in the Scotia Dance Centre. I loved rehearsing in a studio with a gray ceiling and such natural light. The floors have that inevitable feet-smell but what a gorgeous thing these Vancouver dancers have.

Coming back at Theatre Rusticle's April 14, 1912 after a two week hiatus from rehearsals was arduous but as always revelatory. Now the trick is to take it on the stage without dropping the ball, the movement, the lines, the blocking, the sticks, the energy, the argument, the smells, the tastes, the sounds.....

Off to a hot bath before technical rehearsals which will probably suck the joy right out of me...as technical rehearsals tend to do.

But I think I like Vancouver....we'll see how I feel after 5 shows and 6 more days.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

no feelings

what is this no emotion, no feelings on stage?
a concept is not the heart of the matter.
clever does not equal smart.
clever may equal cool.
but cool changes quickly to lukewarm.
and we all wonder why we should care.
apathy hits the eyes first and then the ears.
but the heart never really shrugs and slouches in its chair.
maybe it just naps for a while.
until something radiates towards it.
long fingers of heat or crisp sunlight, or devastation or utter melancholy.
something other than the dispassionate, cool and clever statement of nothing, really.
a maple key is spiralling upwards by my window -- now that's something, somehow defying gravity on a windless day.
not clever, but terribly interesting, it has some meaning on a grey, windless day.