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Natalie Sappier (Samaqani Cocahq) and Aria Evans in Finding Wolastoq Voice

Native Earth Performing Arts is Canada's oldest professional Indigenous performance company, developing and presenting multi-disciplinary stories of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit of Turtle Island (North America), with collaborators from Indigenous communities from Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and Greenland.

They are known for their imaginative productions, for dedication to the expression of Indigenous experience told in visually arresting and unique ways. They nurture and collaborate with established and emerging creators.

The upcoming production of Finding Wolastoq Voice, as part of the Niimi'iwe Indigenous Dance Showcase is a joint venture between Native Earth and Theatre New Brunswick and between New Brunswick-based playwright/composer Natalie Sappier and Toronto-based choreographer/dancer Aria Evans.

Natalie and Aria graciously answered some questions for me while their work premiered at Theatre New Brunswick, a setting both artists cite as being incredibly suppor…