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Possibilities: the articulate, honest and magical Jessica Runge

photo of Jessica Runge by Omer Yukseker When I first moved to Toronto in 1996, Jessica Runge was one of the first dance artists I encountered. She was a blur of wonderful energy. She danced, she created, she made opportunities for other artists.  Her mind was speedy and imaginative. She seemed to live life in the same way she danced, exquisitely. I was more than a little in awe.... Almost 20 how-is-that-possible-years later, she still is one of those artists who is works tirelessly and embodies a vision where art and life cannot be addressed separately. In talking to her about her upcoming show "Possible Dances" it is clear she remains all those things I admired in her when I first met her.  She has a marvellous way of speaking about her life and her work that reveals her as a visionary -- I don't say that lightly -- without really knowing it.  "Possible Dances" incorporates the spectrum of the vision and presents to us in an intimate way. Her show